Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sorry, fans

I have not been updating this, bad, bad blogger! Get out your rulers and rap me on the knuckles, I know, I deserve it.

Things have been pretty busy lately. I am starting up the Master Gardener core course and spending a lot of time studying and working on my modules. This is one of my dreams I have had for many years and it is finally becoming a reality. Yay!

I have also been working a lot on the house, finishing that bathroom remodel, going through the kids' toys and clothes and purging a LOT of stuff they don't wear or play with or use any more. What a task, UGH. But it's a fight to get them to give up their toys, even if they haven't touched them in years. They are so like me, attached to everything, I couldn't give up my stuff for anything when I was little. Thinking back, my mom must have had purging days when i was at school, because a lot of my things seem to have mysteriously disappeared, although I can't remember exactly when. Hmmmm.

And on the adoption front. Well, you'll be happy to hear that things between me and my mother are slowly improving. We have had pretty regular, if sometimes sproradic, email communication, but just the fact that we are communicating at all is huge. She is making great strides in opening herself to me, and has even invited me to come up and stay with her. Now THAT is REALLY huge. We haven't made any solid plans yet, because I, being the indecisive procrastinator that I am, have not been able to bring myself to commiting to anything yet. Can we say, like mother like daughter? lol. I think I am like her in more ways than I have thought.

Oh and I am going to meet one of the n-mom members of AFC, hopefully soon, Dbannie! She is so sweet and has always been so supportive. I can't wait until we get together, I hope the weather straightens out here.

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Anonymous said...

No kidding, girl.

I was seriously contemplating on taking you off my blogroll if you didn't post sometime this month. :P

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