Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And Another Thing...

My heart hurts.

Stories in the news lately about adoptive mothers killing their little adopted babies, about returned adoptees (that was my biggest fear when I was a kid, that my ap's would return me if I wasn't good enough), reunions gone wrong, contact refusal, and my dear friend Heather who, although she KNOWS her nparents and is in reunion with her mom, still cannot get her birth documents from the state of New York because they feel she is trying to sneakily obtain the names of her nparents (ummm....did we already clarify that she's in reunion?) and has been utterly treated like second-class garbabe.

All this and more, just makes my heart ache. When do adoptees go from cute, lovable little creatures that are sooooo desired and wanted, to these dispicable, deplorable wastes of oxygen that we must be either murdered or stepped all over as if we are some sort of criminal? Our voices are systematically shut down when we try to speak up..."Be Grateful, You Just Had a Bad Experience, Your Adoptive Parents Are Your REAL Parents," bla bla bla bla bla ad nauseum.

It's funny in a way. But not really. I mean who would know more about adoption than the person who has lived it their entire lives?

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jimm said...

We adoptees become deplorable the moment we voice our opinion. Children should be seen and not heard, right? We are "forever children" with plenty of experts willing to do the talking for us. A lifetime of experience is no substitute for a few years of college.
Or so they would have us believe.

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