Thursday, June 5, 2008

Canned Whine

(Originally posted at Wordpress on 5/21/08)

Do you ever spend time perusing through the tag surfer (those of you who blog on Wordpress)?

I type in "adoption" and I am most often sickened and disgusted by blog after blog of whiny, complaining posts by PAPs who are yammering on and on about paperwork and and red tape and *gasp* having to wait SO LONG to get that poor kid who they will no doubt drag home, amid a fury of flashing camera lights and strange faces hugging and kissing and strange people talking in a foreign language all the while this poor child is sitting there with this look of abject shock and horror.

It's just GROSS.

Whine, whine, whine. Me, me, me.

I want, I want, I want.

I have to wait sooooooooo lonnnnnnnnng! OMG!!!!

Yeah, you know what? FUCK you. You have to wait 100 days to fulfill your selfish little desire to yank a defenseless kid, a STRANGER'S CHILD, out of her homeland, her culture, her familiar surroundings and force her to assimilate into an entirely new and foreign world just to fulfill your pathetic wants? FUCK. OFF.

I had to wait TWENTY FOUR YEARS to fulfill my very REAL NEED to have my OWN, REAL, BIOLOGICAL MOTHER back into my life. I had to LOSE HER in order to become someone else's dream child. I had to lose not only her, but my FULL brother, my half sister, my aunts, uncles, cousins...I had to LOSE all of it. ALL OF THEM.

Adoption is NOT this beautiful and wonderful thing. Adoption is NOT a dream come true, it is not some magical win-win-win situation where everyone comes away happy.

I LOST. My mother LOST.

In order for any child to become adotped, he or she must first LOSE a FAMILY. That child's parents must LOSE their CHILD. Where is the beauty in that? Where is that wonderful? I do not see it, one bit. And the land of McDonalds and XBox does NOT make up for losing everything, from your blood to the very essence of WHO YOU ARE.

Or these people that send off for their little "referral" and are sent a photograph and claim to be instantly "in love" with that child. In LOVE...with a PHOTOGRAPH. How completely and totally pathetic and demented.

Where else but in adoption do we think it's perfectly normal to "know" we love another human being...just by looking at a PICTURE??? JESUS CHRIST IN A VW HIPPIE VAN. Pass me some of that weed, because whatever you are smoking, it must be some pretty potent stuff to make you stay in that fantasy reality.

Here's a story for you:

I just KNEW when I was 13 that Corey Haim was destined for me, I could tell just by seeing his smiling face in my Teen Beat magazine. I KNEW that God meant for us to be together forever.

I'm still waiting.



Adoption is such a fucked-up institution, it makes my head spin.

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