Thursday, June 5, 2008

Killer Cats

(Originally posted at Wordpress on 10/13/07)

My barn cats killed a snake yesterday, they ganged up on it quite ruthlessly, went in for the kill, it was quite a sight. They're all half-grown kittens and I'm sure for them it was 90% fun and 10% learning, as Mama led the killing spree, trying to teach them a valuable life lesson in survival. Of course they were just like, Yay! Attack! Ok when is Lillie coming with the Meow Mix? Oh, hey, a leaf! Let's get it! Okay! Oooh! A bug! Stalk...stalk...ATTACK!!! run run run run....up a tree! WEEEEEE!!!!! Where's the Meow Mix again? Oh yeah...oh wait...I see you...pounce!

Kittens are such fun.

Although I guess they didn't kill the poor snake, it was hanging out by my door this morning, slow and sluggish, but still kickin'.

I feel sorry for that snake, even though I get that shivery-squicky feeling at the sight of them, but at the same time I understood exactly how that snake feels - when all the pro-adoption idiots spout their nonsense every time we try to speak our truth.

I think I am going to try to learn to make homemade french baguettes this weekend. Mmmm. But first, somebody wants ice cream....

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